Donaldosaurus: Brain-hurtingly large astronomical objects - part 1


We’re pretty happy with the idea of the Earth being big. It’s so huge that it wasn’t until some clever Greeks did an experiment using a couple of sticks that we knew for sure it wasn’t flat. You can feel its enormous mass pulling your finely honed and sculpted derriere down into your…

“Throw your sticks and stones, throw bombs and blows, but you’re not going to break my soul”

Katy Perry, Part of Me
“You can only count on yourself”
The Daily Pug | I love pugs. Get over it.

The Daily Pug | I love pugs. Get over it.

People who use internet explorer

"You know what, I’m a busy person, I have no problem using your browser choice as a crude proxy for other aspects of your personality.

If you use Internet Explorer as your primary browser that *probably* (not necessarily) means that:

* You are the kind of person who takes what’s given to you. You’re not intellectually curious, and you don’t approach the world with a critical/skeptical perspective.

* You aren’t active in solving problems that affect you and taking steps to improve your own life.

* You like things that are popular just because they are popular. I don’t want to watch Glee with you.

* You are really bad at computers. I don’t want you bugging me to fix your computer later.

**Exception:** If you are old, none of the above apply. If you’re old, using IE just means you’re old. “

Question: WTF Was Lindsay Lohan doing at a party with $10K in her purse?


She was getting ready to bet Mitt Romney, obvs.


According to TMZ:

Lohan freaked out Saturday night when her purse went missing at a house party … a purse which contained her ID, passport and $10k in cash.

Because, I always walk around with the international limit of cash in my bag… That Playboy million is gonna last about five hot seconds before it disappears up her schnozz.

a pug classic.

The Truant Muse: My 50,000th Tweet


Ever since I discovered Twitter - I mean, really discovered it, without scorning it - I have loved it as a news feed. For me, it replaced my daily use of the Dow Jones Newswires, the Bloomberg headlines, and the Reuters terminal as well as multiple visits to and to hunt for…

Couldn’t put it better myself

Rant of the day : Transport in London sucks

So another day/month/year of bearing the desperately crap transport in London.

Whether its the bus, tram, tube or trains, Londoners from all walks of life are not immune to sheer ineptness and generally shite service that the National Fail, Crapital Connect or TF(he)L “provides”.

Inspired by the impendingly cold weather and waiting for another 20 extra mins in the cold because of “poor rail conditions” I’ve decided to let loose before I incite concern with work colleagues that I’ll go Michael Douglas from Falling Down.

So firstly - what, pray tell - do the overpaid morons on londons public transport classify as “poor rail condition”…. Well EVERYTHING it seems, so far the following classifications include:

- hot weather
- cool weather
- snow
- leaves on the line
- fog
- rain
- signal failure (worryingly frequent)
- poor rail conditions “in general”

On the tube, signal failure and over crowded platforms and trains are the largest bug bears and oh yeah - endless amounts of strikes.

Incidentally did you know that tube workers now have a 35 hour per week cap, sizeable pensions and up to £58k a year? Don’t let their stupid ass uniforms fool you. They know what they’re doing. Who works 60 plus hours in the city and don’t get merely the same overtime or capped hours? Yeah thought not.

Oh yeah and if you are lucky enough to take the bus, if it’s not riddled with chavs, crazies or over zealous pram pushers ready to take a portion out of your heals, roadworks generally mean it’ll take you hours to get anywhere.

The big issue is that here in the UK we are used to crap. We are used and resigned to the fact that any public service we have is always under par, terrible compared to our European or US or Asia.

I mean for gods sake - we ANNOUNCE as loudly as possible when we have GOOD SERVICE because we’re so used to it being a pile of crap.

But fares go up every year and boy is it expensive. It rises systematically every year, sometimes quarter. The shite transport bosses fob us with include:

- credit crisis
- improvements to the line
- new lines and services

Well explain this?

- explain if it was the credit crisis how come there has been rise in transport costs since the year any of it was constructed

- improvements to the lines? You fucking kidding me? Even as a child I remember getting round London was a lottery what lines were available. Where’s the improvements pray tell?

- better service? Oh so having to resort to coaches and taxis to get around London because most trains tubes and buses were I available two weeks ago ….

I have more. But I may explode. Tune in again shortly.

another ace card trick :)


‘Oil and Queens’ by Roy Walton, from The Complete Walton Vol.1

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“When we erupt into the room and hear the sub goes boom, I’m feeling easy to easy to resume ….”

Katy B, Katy on a Mission

Great new blog. Check it everyday for new tricks!


Roy Walton’s ‘Smiling Mule’, from ‘The Complete Walton Vol.1

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I still prefer the name BENTON! Apparently, Mark, a dog walker joins Absolute Radio on the show to confirm Benton is actually Fenton and he infact is his dog walker.